How to Explain Almost Everything: The Power of Probability in Everyday Life

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The purpose of this book is to change how you view the world. The effects of probability have always been there but you may not have been fully aware of them. As an organizing concept it explains almost everything that you do, the decisions that you need to make, and what happens to you. We all use probability throughout the day without being fully conscious of how and why we are doing it. Harnessing that understanding on a conscious level can increase your success and your happiness, and can improve your life.


About Dr. Robert A. Hitlin

Dr. Robert A. Hitlin has taught research techniques and statistics, and conducted sample surveys, statistical research projects, and focus groups for over 45 years. He was a professor of Political Science at Georgetown University and American University, and has taught part time at Vanderbilt University, George Washington University and The University of Maryland. He was voted the "Teacher of the Year" by the graduating seniors at Georgetown University. As President of Robert Hitlin Research Associates, Inc. he has directed and conducted hundreds of research projects for organizations in private industry, national associations, and federal, state and local governments.



This book explains how our understanding of probability affects our everyday lives. It is designed to explain the thinking behind those decisions in plain English and to provide tools to improve how those choices are made. From the moment we wake until we go to sleep we intuitively make probability choices. Many aspects of life appear to be random but actually fall into knowable patterns. Every choice we make in every aspect of our lives - money and investing, relationships, sports, nutrition, professional activities and jobs, ... everything we decide can be improved by an understanding of probability.


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